Cloudburst Cultivated Ecology/Clearlight Permaculture Design

What is Permaculture?

What is Permaculture?
Permaculture is an environmental design science that sustainability combines human needs and wants with the natural ecology found in a specific place. The design works with conditions such as climate, land contour, soil type, geology, energy, water flow, solar aspect, seasonal wind direction, existing plants and animals, structures, and site history to create “ Cultivated Ecology Systems” that provide food, water, shelter, energy income, community, beauty, spiritual fulfillment, and other needs for people and  wildlife. Unlike standard design, focusing on ornamental beauty, and relying on chemical and fossil fuel inputs, Permaculture is an Holistic approach ( as in “whole-istic“).  These systems are always based on sustainable agriculture techniques with energy supplied by appropriate technologies as primary sources. More energy is saved than used in these systems and they are easier to maintain. Thus people living in a Permaculture system work less, save money, use less chemicals, enjoy a better diet, become more self reliant and confident, stay healthier, stay happier, create surpluses, and improve and beautify their part of the world for themselves, their children and everyone.  Permaculture is a “bioregional” design tool.  It can be used with all property sizes, in all climates, from tropical to artic, and in cities, suburbs, rural areas, and wilderness.  Permaculture is a solution to the non-sustainable design and management methods that are threatening modern global stability. It is the one of the disciplines that will help us to save ourselves, our children, each other, and the future.”

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