Cloudburst Cultivated Ecology/Clearlight Permaculture Design

Christopher-Robin Healy

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Christopher-Robin Healy is a native of the Glens Falls/Lake George area of New York State. Robin has been practicing Permaculture for 24 years. He took his Permaculture Design Course at Genesis Farm in Blairstown, NJ in 1986 and received his Permaculture Design Certificate from Dan Hemenway of Barking Frogs/Elfin Permaculture. Since 1989 Robin has taught workshops and done design work in the Lake George area and New York City. His particular areas of expertise include but are not limited to: bioshelters, fresh air ventilation for tight houses, living roofs, sustainable garden systems, home energy systems, solar greenhouse design, fungi, natural swimming pools, water systems, aquaculture and aquaponics, and suburban and urban Permaculture. Robin is a NYS trained team facilitator and has led various types of trainings for groups large and small. Robin is deeply knowledgeable and dynamic. He has incredible energy, and an easy-going and entertaining style.

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