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Radio archive from WGXC radio dicussing Permacuture

I was on the Tell It Like It Is radio show on WGXC with  Christina Malisoff  and  Kieran Riley on July 14, 2011, discussing Permaculture.


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Permaculture Design Course

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Cloudburst Cultivated Ecology/Clearlight Permaculture Design





Come to Balston Spa and learn Permaculture in the Premier Permaculture Design Course at

The Peace-Atorium Community

The course runs from April 7, 2012 – July 7, 2012 on the following weekends:

(April 7 & 8), (April 21 & 22), (May 5 & 6), (May 19 & 20), (June 2 & 3), (June 9 & 10),

(June 23 & 24), (July 7 & 8)

This Course Covers The Following And Much More:

   Permaculture Ethics And Principles

 Natural System Characteristics

   Patterns In Nature Applied to Human Culture

Permaculture Systems Around The World

Permaculture Process And Design

Reading The Landscape

Water Storage Harvesting And Keylining

Using Grey Water and Waste Solutions

Organic And Biodynamic Sustainable Gardening

Edible Forest Gardens And Other Yummy Landscapes

Nutrient Dense Gardening And Farming


Soils And How To Restore And Care For Them

Integrated Pest Management

Composting, And Better, Vermicomposting

Seed Saving

Sheet Mulching And Lasagna Gardening

Urban Permaculture

Fungi In Permaculture Systems and How to Grow Them

Animals And Regulations

Natural Building Techniques

Creating Alternative Energy Systems For Your Home Locally

Land Restoration And Bioremediation

Community Supported Agriculture

Solar Greenhouses, Bioshelters, and Ecovillages

Invisible Structures And The Inner Landscape

The Alternative Nation


Christopher-Robin Healy is a native of the Glens Falls/Lake George area of New York State.  Robin has been practicing Permaculture for 24 years.  He took his Permaculture Design Course at Genesis Farm in Blairstown, NJ in 1986 and received his Permaculture Design Certificate from Dan Hemenway of Barking Frogs/Elfin Permaculture.  Since 1989 Robin has taught workshops and done design work in the Lake George area and New York City.  His particular areas of expertise include but are not limited to: bioshelters, fresh air ventilation for tight houses, living roofs, sustainable garden systems, home energy systems, solar greenhouse design, fungi, natural swimming pools, water systems, aquaculture and aquaponics, and suburban and urban Permaculture. He has also been a Pastry Chef, Line Cook, and Carpenter.  Robin is a NYS trained team facilitator and has led various types of trainings for groups large and small. Robin is deeply knowledgeable and dynamic. He has incredible energy, and an easy-going and entertaining style.


The cost of this course is $750.  Though the cost is less than the standard 72 hour course, we are offering many more hours than that.  After all, 2012 is now upon us.   We feel that the basic course is too short, and that it creates quantity, but less quality.  There is a sliding scale, and a payment plan can be worked out.   Scholarships are possible.  The cost for the total course boils down to $93.75 per weekend.  That is less than a social night out and far more rewarding.  If you only want to take certain weekends, then the cost is $100 per weekend.  Just contact us regarding subject matter.  Certification credit is given only after completion of the entire course. A $100 non-refundable deposit should accompany your application.  Upon completion of this entire course, a certificate will be awarded designating you as a Permaculture Design Apprentice.  This certificate is recognized world-wide.  To apply, please fill out the application form on this site. 

For more information call 518-683-0209, 518-260-4261, 518-832-9142, email Robin at, or write us at the address below.  Send completed applications and your deposit to:

Cloudburst Cultivated Ecology
Clearlight Permaculture Design
19 Elm Street, Suite 11
Glens Falls, NY

Cloudburst Cultivated Ecology is the Southern Adirondack Node of Green Phoenix Permacuture

Based in High Falls, New York.

“Humor Is The Only Way To Destroy Evil Without Malice”


Course Application

Cloudburst Cultivated Ecology


19 Elm Street, Suite 11, Glens Falls, NY 12801


Permaculture Design Certificate Course

At The Peace-Atorium

Balston Spa, NY

From April 7 – July 7, 2012



Registration Form 





Name:______________________________________( as it will appear on the certificate)





Gender:_________ Age_______Phone:_____-_____- ______


Accommodation Information Required: ______




Applications should be sent with $100 Deposit ~~ Thank you






We need to know the best method of communicating with you.

· How did you did you hear about us?

Please answer the following questions (one page):

1. Please describe your previous experience, if any (gardening, farming, green building, alternative energy systems, organizing, etc.)

2. What is your interest in this course, and how will this education assist you in the future?
3 Put in to words, briefly what is your background? ( ie: professional/educational)

Please enclose your $100 non-refundable deposit with your application.   Make checks out to Cloudburst Cultivated Ecology.  Thank you.

Cloudburst Cultivated Ecology

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